Levick.com is a Scam

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levick.com is a Scam.When you call them they make more negative links on you and charge to remove them.

The fraud company known as levick. I own a small printing company and we brought them on solely for reputation work and link building - we have paid thousands of dollars and seen not one link or other services of value. They DO NOT know about SEO and are a wholly sales-driven SCAM that cannot produce any visible results - meaning months later they cannot show us one active link They claimed this was a "trade secret", but I know better.

There is no secret here.Levick.comare a scam and their only purpose is to take peoples money.

Www.levick.com worst company

Hollywood, Florida 2 comments
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I have contracted with www.levick.com to help remove some false accusations about my company and levis stood me up.No emails are returned and no one will refund my money so I will use some one else, I am in a bad situation and In the future I hope I can avoid companies like levick.com.

I have also posted to the better business bureau.. I hope I can get my money back because because of them.

Don't get fooled by this company, they will only steal your money.Do not trust them in any way possible.

Review about: False Accusations.



rip off report number is 888-483-2860


I used ripp-off-report.net they are really great

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